Casse-Tete Music Festival Rocks Out At Exploration Place

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Casse-Tete Music Festival Rocks Out At Exploration Place

The Exploration Place is rocking out this weekend for the 4th Annual “Casse-Tete” Music Festival.

Casse-Tete is a french term literally meaning broken head, but in french they use it to talk about a loud deafening noise. Many Prince George artists are performing, including visiting artists coming from across Canada and as far as Italy.

This year, the festival is being recognized by the Canadian Music Centre, receiving a certificate of excellence for its contribution to Canadian Music. President of the Casse-Tete Art Society, Jeremy Stewart says it’s a testament to Prince George’s growing music scene. “This is an experimental music festival, very different than what’s being offered at some of the other events that are going on because all the music is part of traditions that are very challenging to the mainstream, to commercial music, and also to various kinds of traditional music.”

The Casse-Tete Music Festival will have nightly performances and workshops on Friday and Saturday at Exploration Place, along with more activities on Sunday.


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