Park Accessibility To Be Assessed

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Park Accessibility To Be Assessed

With the help of more than $200,000 in provincial funding and another $80,000 from the Northern Development Initiative Trust, 16 individuals will venture to 150 Northern BC parks, trails and roadside heritage sites to rate their accessibility. It is an initiative undertaken by Access North and will run over the course of 27 weeks.
Last year, the Province of BC put together a 10-year action plan called Accessibility 2024 with a goal to make BC the most accessible province in the country.
Chair of Access North, Pat Harris, says gaining access to BC’s outdoors in consistently one of the top ten requests that Spinal Cord Injury BC gets each year.
MLA’s Shirley Bond and Mike Morris were on hand to make the announcement during a training session for the 16 individuals who will be doing the assessments.
“This project is going to give participants work experience that will benefit their search for full-time careers while giving us a much better awareness of the accessibility of the northern parks,” says Bond. “The information will allow families and persons with disabilities to find opportunities to enjoy this beautiful part of British Columbia.”


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