Vanderhoof Pool A Reality

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Vanderhoof Pool A Reality

“We got it.” Those three little words from Vanderhoof Mayor Gerry Thiessen spoke volumes to a crowd gathered in Ferland Park in Vanderhoof. Initially it was an Ice Cream Party in the Nechako Valley community. But the true intent quickly became apparent. Civic officials and representatives from different levels of government used the event to announce the community had secured the requisite $12 million to build a swimming pool in Vanderhoof. The news brought smiles all around, as the pool project has been on the wish list for the community and surrounding area for three decades.
“This is a huge thing for Vanderhoof,” Thiessen told the crowd. “And it’s wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the wide range of support for this project.”
What put the project over the top financially was $6 million from the federal gas tax. When possible funding was being sought, the project simply didn’t qualify for Build Canada Funding, but the province urged the federal government to consider gas tax monies instead. And it happened.
The structure will be 12,000 square feet is size and will be located at the north end of the ice arena.
“It is a six-lane pool in Vanderhoof now,” explains Union of BC Municipalities Director Brian Frenkel. “It is a leisure pool, it does have the hot tub, the sauna all of those things. All of the amenities that make that pool more of a facility for all ages.”
The hope is to have the shovels in the ground this coming Spring.


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