UNBC Researchers Win Big Grant Money

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News

Five researchers at the University of Northern British Columbia are sharing a big cheque valued at $453,000.

Funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) will go to support research in Environmental Science, Ecosystem Science and Management, and Computer Science.

The grant recipients include Dr. Stephen Déry (Environmental Science), Che Elkin (Ecosystem Science and Management), and Art Fredeen (Ecosystem Science and Management), who received $415,000 over five years from NSERC’s Discovery Grants Program. Dr. Liang Chen (Computer Science) received $18,000 for one year, while Dr. Pranesh Kumar will receive $10,000 a Discovery Grant worth $10,000 each for two years.

UNBC President Dr. Daniel Weeks, says it’s a big opportunity for the students to further their learning abilities.  “I congratulate the researchers on their success. The work they do is critical in furthering our knowledge of issues that have an impact on a global scale, and enhances our ability to devise solutions to the problems those issues may present.”

The grants help to support students with their research and provide funding for scholarships, fellowships, and equipment. A total of 24 researchers now hold a Discovery Grant at UNBC. The annual value of these awards for 2016-17 is $634,000.


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