Ferry Avenue To Remain Open To Trucks

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Ferry Avenue To Remain Open To Trucks

Council has opted not to take any action to stop truck traffic along Ferry Avenue from Highway 16 and to where it meets Queensway. A complaint was made last year about the amount of truck traffic and Council asked for a study.
Staff told Council truck drivers often use that route as a shortcut between Highway 16 West and Highway 97 South. Also, Staff heard from drivers that the configuration of the intersection for trucks coming off Highway 97 South to head west is challenging
That study found that truck traffic accounts for only 3% off all traffic along that stretch of road.
Also, Ferry Avenue will also be part of a truck route plan to be done next year, something that doesn’t yet exist.
“It would identify, once and for all, the truck routes in the city,” says Dave Dyer, the General Manager of Engineering and Public Works.
But for some around Council chambers, another option “Has to happen,” According to Councillor Albert Koehler, and that is a bridge across the Fraser River connecting Highway 16 West with Highway 97 South, while detouring trucks out of the city altogether. He also suggested such a thing would rid the city of all the challenges at Ferry Avenue and Highway 16, as well as the intersection with Highways 16 and 97.
Dyer says a preliminary plan on that front is in the works.


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