Thieves Hit Child Development Centre

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Thieves Hit Child Development Centre

Thieves hit the Child Development Centre just after midnight on Friday night, cutting through the centre’s chain link fence and smashing a security light.  Besides doing hundreds of dollars in damage, they dismantled and stole a portable garage and unbolted and took a latch for a chain link fence gate.  The garage didn’t have walls installed as it had been set up to provide shade for children in the playground.

“It is very sad,” said Darrell Roze, the CDC’s Executive Director.  “We are here to help children, including some of our community’s most vulnerable children – those with special needs and developmental delays.  Stealing from the CDC is simply stealing from those same children.”

He says the thieves did hundreds of dollars in damage to make off with something that cost far less than that.

He adds, despite the age of the tent, he would love to see it returned as it served a valuable purpose. Individuals with information about the theft can call the Child Development Centre at (250)563-7168 extension 0.


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