Downtown Construction Underway

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Downtown Construction Underway

Second Avenue between George Street and Queensway is a big hole, as crews begin the task of adding the courthouse and Plaza 400 onto the City District Energy distribution system. The main line for the distribution system runs under George Street from Second Avenue to City Hall. It currently feeds the heating from the Downtown Renewable Energy System to nine civic facilities, all the way to the new RCMP detachment.
“This is phase one of two. Our next location that we’ll move onto is at Fifth and George,” explains Project Lead Steven Mercedes. “We will be digging similar to Second Avenue, down Fifth towards Queensway and a little bit up north on Queensway until we get to our entry point.”
Work will take place at those locations between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. The City is asking both motorists and pedestrians to be safe. The hope is to avoid creating inconvenience, but it is an active construction zone nonetheless.
“We are expected to be here (Second Avenue) for eight to twelve days. But you will still have traffic disruptions because we won’t be able to get paving crews here right away. I’d say, for this one, I want to say three weeks before we have it closed up and restored.”
That timeline will be a bit longer for Phase Two at Fifth Avenue.
“When we move up to the other location, the distance is a little bit longer. So, we’ll possibly be up there for a month.”
The City estimates getting the courthouse and Plaza 400 off their aging boilers will remove 480 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from the airshed, while having all eleven facilities on the system is expected to remove 1,820 tonnes per year.


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