School District Mulls Savings

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School District Mulls Savings

While the Vancouver Board of Education is under an auditor’s watchful eye, having failed to submit a balanced budget to the government, 59 other districts have done so. But it comes at a cost. District’s were told this Spring they could hang on to the Administrative savings money for this year, not so for next year. It means District 57 alone is looking at cutting $727,000, primarily from salaries and benefits next budget year.
Here’s where that money is coming from in terms of Finances:
*Increase BMO purchase card rebate: $5,000
*Increase lease rate for Highland parking for Northern Health: $17,500
*Increase leases for Diefenbaker, South Fort & Highland: $16,700
*Increase lease of Highland for YMCA: $12,000

Cuts will also be made to Operations:
*Changes to student transportation: $116,300
*Reduction in support for improving student learning and increasing teachers capacity: $300,000
*Reduction in Essential 8 Conditions for Learning: $150,000

In terms of staffing, the savings will be found:
*Using supplemental pay for professional development: $30,000
*Reduce replacement costs related to sick and Worksafe BC absences: $30,000
*Reduce school-based Administration: $50,000

In total, the Lion’s share of the savings, at $385,000, will be borne in salaries and benefits.


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