Push-Ups For PTSD Awareness

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Push-Ups For PTSD Awareness

Scrolling through your social media feed, you may have noticed people challenging each other to take on the physical task of pumping out push-ups.

It’s all part of the 22 push-ups challenge to honour the 22 veterans a day in the United States that take their life as a result of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. On Friday, around 50 members of the RCMP and emergency services gathered on the steps of City Hall at Veteran’s Plaza to participate. According to the latest statistics, 35 veterans have taken their lives this year in Canada

Joe Elliot with The Royal Canadian Legion Brand 43 says there needs to be more support for veterans suffering from PTSD. “We don’t see them until it’s too late, until they’re triggered. It takes an average of 10 years for PTSD to kick in and were coming up on the ten year anniversary of Afghanistan,” he said. “We need these organizations and we need their support federally and provincially, we’ve got support in the Legion, but we still need more services.”


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