Student Needs Report Released

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Student Needs Report Released

Council has received a report from its Student Needs Committee, which involves students from School District 57, UNBC and CNC. The comprehensive report identifies six priorities for students in the city. Number One is transportation, with students saying they would like to see the amenities attached to the U-Pass expanded. Currently, it allows students to ride the bus and gives them access to the city’s pools. They have looked at things like giving access to other things, like the library. They also recommend extending the U-Pass to School District 57 students and staff at all three institutions. A pair of recent events have gone a long way to dealing with transportation. The first was the provincial announcement of additional funding for transit in Prince George and the second is an application by the City to expand transit hours to include service on weekends, evenings and holidays.
The second highest priority was housing. The report cites a need for more diversity of housing to accommodate a changing school demographic, with a suggestion that not all students live in bachelor suits eating ichiban noodles. And they want housing near amenities, like transportation, food and recreation.
“Students really do want to live downtown,” Committee Chair Jillian Merrick told Council. In fact, she suggested the Northern Undergraduate Student Society is looking at its options for housing.
The remaining three priorities include: recreation and active living, jobs, downtown culture and entertainment and representation of students.
The group has broken up for the summer and the hope is to reconfigure the Committee, lessening the requirement for student involvement and increasing community involvement.


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