Costlier Willowcale Project Gets The Nod

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Costlier Willowcale Project Gets The Nod

Mayor and Council were none too happy, but had to “eat” cost overruns on the Willowcale Road re-build. Earlier this year, a portion of the roadway over Haggith Creek was washed away when the ground around a culvert collapsed. That road has been down to single lane ever since, even though it supports a great deal of industry further down. The project was part of the 2017 capital plan, as it was identified as a potential problem four years earlier. At the last July Council meeting, however, staff came forward and asked the project be funded internally, as opposed to the Municipal Finance Authority, the City’s bank.
Initially, the cost to repair the washout was 1.8 million dollars, but the lowest of five bids bid came in at just over $2.5 million.
However, there were many who believe this is just the first of many the City may have to contend with in the future. Councillor Jillian Merrick called it “hard to stomach,” while Councillor Brian Skakun said it’s all a matter of aging infrastructure.
“We have to save for that rainy day fund because there’s more to come.”
The hope is to build a bridge over Haggith Creek before winter.


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