Warm Temperatures Increase Risk Of Wildfires

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Warm Temperatures Increase Risk Of Wildfires

Warm, dry conditions are expected to continue for much of the province and our city. We can expect to see temps in the mid-to-high twenties all week long.

Fire Information Officer with the Prince George Fire Centre, Amanda Reynolds, is urging caution as fire ratings could peak in the next week or so. “Our fire danger rating for most of the Prince George Fire Centre is moderate to high,” she said. “We are anticipating that most of the fire centre will go into high and we could have some pockets of extreme up in the northeast just north of the Fort Nelson area.”

The temperatures are rising thanks to stable conditions and a special type of high pressure system passing through our region says Atmospheric Sciences Professor at UNBC, Peter Jackson. “We’re getting under the influence of an upper level ridge and that means the winds kind of going up over Alaska and come down across the prairies,” he said. “That usually results in a pattern that kind of protects us from bad weather, from storms and systems going through constantly.”

In fact, it only takes about two to three days for dead leaves, short grass, and other natural organic materials to dry out. Jackson says precipitation is unlikely in the forecast this week which means an increasing chance for fires to start. “When the convection clouds, the instability is suppressed, we don’t get thunder and lightning as well because thunder and lightning are accompanied by these convective type clouds,” he said. “Generally it’s a fairly stable pattern, not a lot of thunderstorms around, so not a lot of lightning to start fires, but there’s always the chance of human caused fires as well.”

For now, Reynolds urges the public to stay safe and take the right precautions. “We might have some more industrial starts and we’re just reminding the public again that if they are going into the back country just that they properly extinguish their campfire with enough water and make sure they bring a shovel with them in order to completely extinguish the campfire.”


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