New Hope For Youth Aging Out Of Care

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New Hope For Youth Aging Out Of Care

For the last 6 years, a local woman has been spearheading a labour of love. Working with youth aging out of government care, Linda Liss saw too many falling through the cracks. She wants to help young women get their lives back, with a hand up, not a handout. That’s why she started Making Ourselves Matter Services Society (MOMSS), an organization that will soon offer a 4-year program based on an apprenticeship model. For the first 2 years, women aged 19 to 29 will live, work, and study in a rural home, under the guidance of staff and volunteers. They will spend the next 2 years living and working in the community, but with the support of the MOMSS team. A huge number of volunteers has made the project possible. Tradespeople, businesses, students and many more volunteered their time and skills to do a complete renovation of the home. MOMSS is very close to welcoming its first wave of students, but it’s still short on funding. It needs $75,000, and hopes Prince George will come together and support the cause. MOMSS accepts donations online, by mail, and over the phone. Click here for all the details.


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  1. I think this is a wonderful idea but what about boys that are aging out of the system? They too fall between the cracks and soon find themselves struggling emotionally and financially they could use a hand up too. In my line of work I see both male and female youth struggling and I think it is important to give both demographics the life skills to move forward and out of the system before they get entrenched in a lifestyle they cannot get out of.

  2. I have been involved for years with MOMSS and cannot say enough how much I BELIEVE in this amazing project – the dedication, positiveness and hard work has been endless and has to come to fruition – please DONATE DOLLARS – TIME – SUPPORT – it is one of the BEST !!!!

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