CN Centre Gearing Up For Hockey Season

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CN Centre Gearing Up For Hockey Season

The ice is in at CN Centre and that means Cougar Hockey season is right around the corner. But much needs to be done before the first puck drops. A new score clock still needs to be installed. the cost of that clock is now $546,000, up from $390,000 originally quoted. But there are additional bells and whistles to the clock.
President of the Prince George Cougars, Greg Pocock says the clock initially settled on by the City has “alright” but the additional money is aimed at enhancing the fan experience.
“CN Centre celebrated its 20th anniversary last year and it’s vital that the City continue to invest in the facility to ensure its long-term viability, attraction, and excellence,” says Mayor Lyn Hall.

The Club itself is investing in the Centre; it is improving the sound system, moving the score judge’s location to facilitate a better view. The new clock will also allow the fans to see what that judge does “almost” in real time.

“Most recently, my partners and I asked the City to go beyond just replacing what we had before, and the Cougars stepped
up to pay the additional costs for a vastly improved system. These investments, along with the new loge seating, the digital goal judge system, additional speakers for the sound system, upgrades to the media box, and renovations to the Cougars office and dressing room.”

With all the upgrades to the facility, Mayor Hall says it will be easier to sell the facility.

“So I talked for a long time after the 2015 Games, ‘What do you want to see next?’ Well, I want to see next is the Memorial Cup.”

CN Centre will be playing host to the Canada-Russia Series on November 7th and the Telus Cup in 2017.


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