UNBC Research Shows Pros And Cons For The Environment

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News

A UNBC researcher has taken part in a global study, comparing economic and population growth with the impact of that growth on the environment.
The study finds that while the global population grew 23% and the global economy grew 153%  between 1993 and 2009, the global human footprint grew only 9 percent.
“Seeing that our impacts have expanded at a rate that is slower than the rate of economic and population growth is encouraging,” said lead author Dr. Oscar Venter of the University of Northern British Columbia, “it means we are becoming more efficient in how we use natural resources.”
He says,  while the growth in the human footprint hasn’t kept pace with growth in population  or the economy, there’s is still work to be done.
But those findings were not universal across the globe. Countries with good governance structures and higher rates of urbanization actually grew economically while slightly shrinking their environmental impacts of land use and infrastructure.
Dr. Venter says the hope is that policy makers at all levels of government , but senior in particular, will use the data in making future land use decisions.


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