Loss Of Trees Concerns One Councillor

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Loss Of Trees Concerns One Councillor

A new 100-plus lot development in the Hart is just one of many in the city right now. But a recent re-zoning application prompted City Councillor Brian Skakun to ask if there is anyway to promote developers retaining trees on a property. The General Manager of Planning for the City says there’s a reason developers remove all the trees.
“The reason they like to have a clean slate is, when they’re putting in their pipe, their water and sewer pipes, their roads, it’s easier to shape and contour the land so there’s not drainage issues on the surrounding properties,” explains Ian Wells.
Aside from traffic concerns, the loss of trees on a development is one of the biggest concerns from neighbours and the City is aware of that.
“We’re not looking at an incentive program, but we’re looking at ways to encourage developers, through building schemes or through the subdivision process, where we could require them to retain buffer areas or a number of trees on lots and give them [developers] credit for that,” says Wells.
That’s good news for Councillor Skakun, who thinks whatever the City plans to introduce may be too late for the Hart development. But he adds, the buyers of said properties need to have a hand in directing developers as well.
“Another thing that needs to happen is the people who are going into these neighbourhoods need to say ‘We want to go to a neighbourhood with trees’.”
Wells says, before any significant changes are made to City policy, there will be consultations with local developers, the Homebuilders Association and others.


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