Northern Lights Estate Winery Wants Apples

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News

The Northern Lights Estate Winery is on the hunt for apples once again.
Last year was the first year the winery put out the call for apples to make its wine, which will be ready to buy come the new year. At that time, they were stunned at the amount of apples grown in Prince George. The call is going out again.
A big part of the winery’s mission is to ensure people pick their apples before any more bears need to be put down because of them. Owner, Doug Bell, says the winery has already surpassed last year’s amount of 5,000 and will continue accepting apples for another couple of weeks.
He says it’s really important to ensure the apples are ripe, not rotten, which are of no use for wine and will attract bears even more.
“The easiest way to tell [if the apple is ripe] is to cut it open and check the seeds. If the seeds are black, it’s ripe, if they’re white, it is not.”
The apples can be dropped off at the winery and, if you are unable to pick them, give the winery a call and someone can help get them off the tree.
The winery is only accepting apples. If you have other fruit you wish to get rid of, Bell suggests the Northern Bear Awareness Fruit Exchange Facebook page. It can be accessed at:                                         


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