Omineca Beetle Action Coalition Funding Stopped

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Omineca Beetle Action Coalition Funding Stopped

The Omineca Beetle Action Coalition has received some bad news. The Province has notified the organization its funding will not be renewed.
“It was a really difficult decision to make. And I want to say an enormous thank you to the people who have participated in OBAC over the years. They’ve done some phenomenal work,” explains the MLA for Prince George-Valemount. “They were created at a time when it was really important to start looking at what’s going to happen with pine beetle, how do we invest in Northern BC? But since that time, you can imagine, we have all kinds of other supports in place now.”
She cites the Northern Development Initiatives Trust and the Rural Advisory Committee.
OBAC was created in 2005 in response to the Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic. Its mandate was to provide a platform for civic leaders in the region to cross-promote different economic strengths, like agriculture and tourism, with an expectation that the forest sector may take a turn for thee worse.
But Albert Koehler with OBAC says its mandate is still worthy.
“I would say new problems always come up and have to be solved,” says Koehler, who sat as a Director. “Who would have known many years ago that the dwindling availability of timber has such a potential impact on communities? And OBAC is a good tool when it comes to discussions around what can be done.”
He says the Executive still plans to meet in an ad hoc capacity but the issues affecting the region are not going away.


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