Local Girl Donates To BC SPCA

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Local Girl Donates To BC SPCA

A local girl is making a big difference for animals in our community.

It started with a simple lemonade stand on the side of the road in Beaverly. From there, 11 year old, Jaylene Smith-McGrath and a friend raised 75 dollars this summer for the local BC SPCA.

Jaylene says she hopes to one day become a veterinarian and run an animal shelter of her own. “I want to help the SPCA to get the animals stuff like  blankets and donations cause that’s important so that the animals have stuff do to.”

Her father, Terry says the support from the community in Beaverly has been tremendously overwhelming. “They’d come and some people would buy a glass, one lady in particular gave her 20 dollars and bought one glass for a dollar and she’s said keep the change and off she went,” Terry said. “That was at the end of the day, so it was actually pretty amazing.”

There’s even more good news as well for the BC SPCA.  A bigger and better shelter for animals in need of a home is now a step closer to reality, thanks to a crown land lease of 1.18 hectares beside Exhibition Park, to the North Cariboo SPCA . Prior to the 30 year lease, the Crown is issuing an interim license of occupation , in  order for the shelter to meet the city’s rezoning  requirements.  The SPCA says the current location on Lansdowne Road is too small and run down .


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