Local Patients Waiting For Dermatologist

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Local Patients Waiting For Dermatologist

Since he was 10, Ken Dillabough has suffered from psoriasis. The autoimmune disease causes lesions on his skin. It also effects his internal organs. Since Dr. Martindale retired in 2013, patients like Dillabough have either had to wait in line for a visiting dermatologist, or travel to see one elsewhere. Dillabough makes the trip to Kelowna, spending upwards of $500 a trip, out of his own pocket. Northern Health says there is a global shortage of dermatologists, and it’s doing everything within its power to recruit one, including advertising, and offering financial incentives. “While the health authority has been successful in recruiting difficult to fill specialized positions, it has yet to attract a dermatologist,” says Steve Raper, Chief of Communications & External Relations for Northern Health. That leaves patients waiting for months – or years – or face an expensive trip to Vancouver or Kelowna to see a specialist.


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