New Bike Lane Symbols

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
New Bike Lane Symbols

Some new symbols are appearing on city streets. Last year, the signs were added to dedicated bike lanes but this year, a new image has popped up in the lanes themselves.
“The one we saw was simply a bicycle and that wasn’t really a new thing. It was just a project that had been cut for funding for many years and, so they were repainting it for the first time in years,” explains Jillian Merrick, both a City Councillor and a member of the PG Cycling Club. “The “Share-oh” does not actually represent any rule change at all. It’s just there to remind drivers and cyclists of what the existing rules across BC already are; that cyclists do have the right to use the laneway, especially where there is no bike lane, that they have the right to take the whole lane if they need to. Those symbols are there to remind us of the rules, which are already in place [in BC] and have been for decades.”
The idea first went to Council in May, though the status quo will remain until the proper signage is in place.


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