First Ever Northern BC Mayors Roundtable Underway

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
First Ever Northern BC Mayors Roundtable Underway

Mayors and Regional District Chairs from 30 Northern BC communities are in the city today for a special roundtable. The event is the brainchild of Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall.
“It’s a critical time for the region to come together and establish some priorities with respect to economic development, the environment, and the social development of our communities,” says Mayor Hall. “While this roundtable will be taking place in Prince George and I’m grateful to NCLGA for partnering with us, the discussion will be about the region. I see a direct link between the success of individual communities and the success of the NCLGA region as a whole.”
He says a theme has emerged from this event; large or small, communities in the North share the same challenges around things like economic development, infrastructure et al.
The event is being co-hosted by the North Central Local Government Association. In the Association’s 62-year hisotry, there has never been a roundtable.
“While the communities and regional districts in our association cover 70% of the provincial landmass, we only account for 7% of the overall population. Community leaders in the North know the value of working together and having a regional focus.”says Laurey Roodenburg, President of the North Central Local Government Association (NCLGA) and one of the co-chairs of the Roundtable. “Our goal is to identify common challenges and look at mutually beneficial opportunities.”
One of the decisions to be made today is if this roundtable  becomes an annual event.


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