Runner & Bikers ‘Storm The Hill’

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Runner & Bikers 'Storm The Hill'

About 70 runners of all fitness levels put their skills to the test and challenged the hill on University Way up to UNBC Sunday morning.

The 5th Annual ‘Storm The Hill’ race offered distances of 5 kilometres, 10 kilometres, and a sprint duathlon. The duathlon was a 5 kilometre run, then a 20 kilometre bike, followed by another 5 kilometre run.

This year’s route did not include a loop around the university, which meant a little more distance added to running up and down the hill.

Frank Blues with the Organizing Committee says his team wanted to step things up this time around.
“We really wanted it to be ‘Storm The Hill’ for everyone participating in the race,” he said. “If you’re running the 5 kilometres you end up covering about 350 feet of elevation, 10 kilometres you’re covering about double that and if you’re doing the duathlon that’s over 2,000 feet of elevation between both runs and the bike ride, so that’s pretty impressive.”

It’s especially impressive if this is your first competitive race. Linn Authen is from Norway and decided to make the Storm The Hill run her very first race. She powered through at the finish line feeling accomplished. “It’s really your muscles being beat up on the way down, so when you turn on the two and a half kilometre mark you’re kind of sore,” Authen said. “I ran intervals up the hill and the last hill I just ran what I could,” she laughed.

Authen was particularly impressed with the community feel to the race and felt welcome competing amongst everyone cheering loud. “It’s really great, I wish we did this more where I come from,” she said. “You kind of have a relaxing atmosphere to it, so you can just focus on what you’re going to do.”


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