UNBC Farmers’ Market Brings Healthy Options

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UNBC Farmers' Market Brings Healthy Options

The Farmers’ Market at UNBC is back this fall providing healthy and affordable options for its students. The school hopes its market can encourage students to make healthy choices when planning meals.

The market can also be used to help students with finding local foods.

“We really promote we’re the green university, so we really promote being local, supporting your local businesses, farmers and eating local.” Chantel Kozachenk, UNBC Market Manager said. “This is just one way to add to the students being able to promote food security here on campus.”

UNBC is making the market more affordable this year by including Flex Dollars, a certificate students can use to purchase items. Flex Dollars come in five and one dollar increments. The dollars are targeted towards students on a meal plan. UNBC Sustainability Representative Raychill Snider says students and vendors are thrilled by the new addition.

“We have managed to bring those groups of students who used to not be able to access the farmers’ market back into the stream of traffic so they can use it again.” Snider said. “It’s been highly successful today.”

The UNBC Farmers’ Market will continue to run every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. until November 29th.


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