Aboriginal Education More Focused In New School Curriculum

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Aboriginal Education More Focused In New School Curriculum

Students are coming back to a big shake-up on how they learn in the classroom. BC’s new curriculum provides a larger emphasis on First Nations education. Aboriginal outcomes will now be implemented across all school subjects. Students will be introduced to First Nations perspectives right as they enter school. Examples of how this will apply to daily learning including local Aboriginal teachings about the environment in science.

“It’s just good things to know, it was another traditional and long standing understanding of human culture and of human existence.” School District 57 Superintendent Marilyn Marquis-Forster said, “For our Aboriginal students, it grounds them in their cultural history and allows them to take principles of their culture and see how that absolutely leads them into twenty-first century society.”

Carrier Sekani Tribal Council Chief Terry Teegee is supportive of the new changes. However, he hopes the new curriculum will open up more communication between the CSTC and School District 57 since the Aboriginal Board of Education was dismantled in 2014.

“We have well over a thousand students that come from our community of the Carrier Sekani and those children don’t have a voice.” Teegee said, “So I’m really looking forward to perhaps meeting with the board and the trustees to try and address the issue.”

School District 57 says it is looking at improving communications with structures in place to help consult First Nations education.


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