Spruceland Save-On-Foods Now Sells BC Wines

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Spruceland Save-On-Foods Now Sells BC Wines

The tenth grocery store to sell BC wines opened in Prince George today. It is the first in Northern BC. There are now 900 different varieties of 100% BC VQA wines on the shelves at the Save-On-Foods in Spruceland Mall. There are some wines available from wineries that do not produce enough to warrant space on BC Government liquor store shelves.
The BC Wine Institute says where there were 30 BC wineries a decade ago, there are now 400 and finding space on the shelves can be a challenge.
“The private liquor stores, the government liquor stores, they also have to sell other products as well,” says Miles Prodan, the Institute’s President and CEO. “They don’t have rubber walls so what do you do about that? What you see here today is an opportunity for even the smallest of wineries to get on-shelf, get a presence in front of customers.”
Government began to reform its liquor laws in recent years, opening the doors to things like Happy Hour. But the Minister Responsible for Liquor Reform, John Yapp, says this was a big “ask” by British Columbians.
“Over 75 of respondents expressed strong support for having the convenience of being able to pick up their favourite bottle of wine while shopping for their groceries,” says Yap.
There are more openings like this one in the future, there is a finite number of licences that will be allowed.


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