Funding Request From Tourism PG Referred To Staff

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Funding Request From Tourism PG Referred To Staff

A request from Tourism Prince George for a financial commitment of $60,000 to bid on the 2017 Men’s Under-21 Pan American Cup met with some opposition from Council last night. The event would take place at UNBC, with a successful bid.
“I’m keen to bring events like these here,” stand Mayor Lyn Hall. But a number of Councilors were challenged with such a significant amount, despite a reminder that Council has committed to sport tourism since the Canada Winter Games.  A funding of $200,000 on gaming funds has been set aside for the Major Events Reserve, which covers off requests like this.
The matter has been sent to Administration for some further information on where the money could potentially come from. That report will come back at the October 17th Council meeting.


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