Connaught Motor Inn Business License Suspension To Expire

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Connaught Motor Inn Business License Suspension To Expire

The Connaught Motor Inn is nearing the end of its business license suspension from City Council. The suspension was unanimously voted in place by Councillors back in May due to safety concerns. Major renovations were ordered by the City to bring the Inn up to building code standards. According the City it’s unclear whether any work on the building has been completed.

“If the Connaught Motor Inn meets the conditions as of October first they would be able to have their business license reinstated.” Fred Crittenden, Manager, Bylaw Service, City of Prince George said. “We have not had any communications from them documenting that they met the conditions that the City Council has set out.”

Reached by telephone, Connaught Motor Inn Owner Joe Carhoun says there’s no timetable for the renovations. The City says the business license suspension will continue until the building code requirements are met.


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