Innovation Showcase Displays Brilliant Locals At Tech Week

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Innovation Showcase Displays Brilliant Locals At Tech Week

Have you ever wanted a phone case with its own unique design in the matter of minutes? That is one of the many things to be seen at the Local Technology and Innovation Showcase at The Hubspace. This event gives people in the tech sector an opportunity to display their work.

Vector Finesse is one of the companies participating at the show. The company works in digital fabrication ranging from 3D printing to CNC mill saws. “We pretty much can make you any type of prototype you can think of.” John Makowsky, Owner, Vector Finesse said. “We’re just here to bring that power to the community and help people take ideas from in their mind into something they can actually hold in their hands and show to people.”

In a demonstration, Makowsky created a iPhone case, which is one of many things that can be done with a 3D printer. However, one of his latest innovations has been wedding toppers. For this he uses a 3D scanner. “We can fully scan people, capture everything including the colours and them into their own statuettes of themselves.” Makowsky said. “[Then] they can have that extra level of customization on their wedding day and a really cool memento.”

The event also featured J.R. Canadian Mapping which highlights its Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology (UAV). The UAV’s are used to take photographic mapping to new heights. “From the aerial photography we create what is called a stereo pair.” John Rankin, President, J.R. Canadian Mapping said. “In a stereo pair it allows us to do very exact three dimensional measurements of what’s on the ground.”

The device can capture and recreate 3D models of entire forests, streams, roads, bridges and buildings. J.R. Canadian Mapping can then discern all measures, volumes and densities about an area. Rankin says his company is the only one in Canada to be doing this kind of mapping.

Tech Week will wrap up September 24 with its LAUNCH party at The Hubspace. At the event, there will be a celebration of local tech and innovation stories. Tickets can be purchased online at for $40.


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