Woodlot Federation AGM Hears About Timber Supply

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Woodlot Federation AGM Hears About Timber Supply

The BC Woodlot Federation held its annual general meeting in Prince George and timber supply was a hot top. Unlike classic licencees, who operate under a volume-based tenure system, woodlots are more area-based in nature, meaning they cannot move from place to place for the harvest. Woodlots are more susceptible to things like fire and disease.
But ministry officials were on hand for the AGM and painted a picture for attendees on the future fibre supply. The message was simply: fibre supply will decrease. In fact, a deficit of 11 million cubic metres of timber will be experienced in the Interior by 2020 or 2022.
“We’ve known of this for the five or ten years. It’s just that the focus has still been on harvesting and taking advantage of as much of the pine beetle as possible,” says Dave Peterson, the Assistant Deputy Minister for Tenures and the former Chief Forester of BC. “So, people have been aware that eventually the [annual allowable cut] is going to drop, but it hasn’t been staring them right in the face so much.”
However, the good new is that the mid-timber supply has been catalogued and is “healthy.”
However a threat to the mid-term timber supply is the Spruce Beetle, an infestation of which has grown more rapidly than expected.
“The Spruce Bark Beetle, biologically, doesn’t operate the same as Pine Beetle. The beetles don’t react the same way. So it should not spread the same way the Pine Beetle did. But it’s not something that we’re taking lightly, by any means” says Peterson. “The Spruce Beetle is going into some of the trees that were the mid-term timber supply. and so it’s just that much more important to be focused on it.”


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