Artists Set To Clash In Art Battle

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Artists Set To Clash In Art Battle

Competitive artists will be putting their skills to the test October 7 in the Art Battle at The Hubspace. Local artists of all levels are given twenty minutes to put create the best artwork possible. People attending the event then vote on the work and who ever is the best wins a prizes of 500 dollars and goes on to regional competition in Vancouver. The Art Battle competition is done on an international level. This is the fourth year the event has been hosted in Prince George.

Christina Watts is the defending champion and plans to step up her game.

“It’s a bit more pressure for sure but I’m excited to bring out some new art with different tools this year.” Christina Watts said. “I hope to get another shot at the regionals so I can maybe move onto Canada-wide.”

Watts knows for her and the others artists winning this competition won’t come easy. Being a competitive painter means devoting hours of preparation for the twenty minutes on the canvas.

“It’s just like running a marathon, you train for it and so I take an image and I paint it over and over again until I can get it to a point that it’s doable in the twenty minutes under the pressure of a watchful audience.” Watts said. “You’re out there being judged as well, you’re on the clock, there’s immense pressures for you to perform.”

Since Watts won in Prince George last year, her notability has given her the ability to open her own art gallery in the downtown core. She knows with this competition other artists will have the opportunity to propel their work as well.

If you are interested in participating in the Art Battle you can register online at


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