City Park Strategy Looking For Feedback

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City Park Strategy Looking For Feedback

The City has released a draft strategy discussing the future of parks within Prince George.  Following consultations with more than 500 people, the report calls for improved maintenance and increased investment in major parks like Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park, smaller district parks such as Duchess Park, along public trails and in riverfront areas.

To support the larger parks, the draft report also suggests the investment and maintenance of small parks in residential areas will be cut.  “We learned that residents love Prince George’s parks, but agree that they need improvement. The quality of parks can be improved if the existing inventory is reduced, services are realigned, or additional resources are added,” says Strategic Parks Planner, Laurie-Ann Kosec.

The strategy is expected to be a discussion point in the planned Talk-tober meetings planned across the city this month.  The complete draft strategy and feedback opportunities are available here on the City of Prince George website.

“The Draft Park Strategy identifies a number of creative solutions that could be explored in the strategic investment of park priorities,” added Kosec. “These scenarios and options recognize the need to strike a balance between working within existing financial resources, while attempting to meet the demands for park resources.”

Online feedback will be accepted until November 16th.  The City hopes to finalize it’s strategy early next year.



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