Craft Beer Movement Expected To Grow In Prince George

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News

Craft Beer is a growing phenomenon in British Columbia.  In fact, October has been identified as a month to celebrate it.  And while the industry has been largely restricted to the lower mainland, small operations have been popping up around the interior over the last few years.

Plans to establish the Crossroads Brewery in Prince George were announced eight months ago.  It forced the City to make some changes to its zoning to accommodate smaller sized brewing operations.  “A craft brewery is not a bar.  It’s not a restaurant either.  It’s something that’s very different,” says the Crossroads Brewery’s  Bjorn Butow.  “It’s more about the creation of that product on the premise, involving people and that.  The experience of beer is so different now.”

Crossroads Brewery is located downtown on George Street in the former home of Niner’s Diner and Tony Roma’s.  Prince George City Councillor Garth Frizzell believes it could be the first of several craft brew operations popping up in the city.  “A recent UNBC MBA project talked about how this city could accommodate several of them.  And now what we’re seeing, is the first of perhaps many,” says Frizzell.

Tickets will go on sale for Prince George’s annual AleFest next week.  Crossroads Brewery expects to have its doors open in time for the beer lovers event.


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