Arrests Made Following Online Threat To Schools

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News

UPDATE: Safety Precautions Lifted at all District 57 Schools.

RCMP are recommending that the safety measures at all area schools be lifted and that normal activities resumes.

RCMP have arrested two teen-aged males in connection with an online threat made to Prince George schools.  Mounties arrested two males, aged 17 and 16 today.  Both are in custody.

The threat led to the lockdown of all public and private schools Thursday morning in Prince George.  Police and school officials didn’t put much merit into the threat, but put the lockdown in place as a precaution.

As of the noon hour, the lockdown at schools remain in place, but it is expected to be lifted soon.

UPDATE: RCMP recommended lifting the safety measures at area schools just before dismissal and that normal activities resume. The 16-year-old will be held in custody overnight.  He will make is first appearance in provincial court tomorrow, mean time crown council will determine charges.


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  1. Glad that arrested have been made and things are back to normal! These delimquents need to be treated as terrorists as that’s what they basically committed, an act of terrorism in a sense! A strong message needs to be sent to others, lifetime ban on owning any form of device that allows access to Internet would be a start, that would be a great deterred in itself! There will be people out there that do not agree but it is that politically corr ct “you can’t hurt bad little boy Johnny’s feelings” attitude that has caused so many young hardened criminals in our society, you can’t punish anyone for doing wrong and thus social safety and justice has been thrown to the curb and we love in a careless society. I however tend to look to the positive side, awesome work by our police force in serving and protecting us, thanks guys and gals, now let’s hope the legal and justice system follow through so we can stop this from happening in the future!

  2. Sorry about the typos in the post in bad cell service and spell check kinda did it’s own thi but I’m sure you will figure out the proper grammar and spelling lol

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