Online Threat Leads to School Lockdown

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Online Threat Leads to School Lockdown

RCMP have called on Prince George schools to close their blinds and lock external doors following an online threat.  Police say a local social media page depicts a cartoon banner photo that includes firearms and clowns.  Police don’t believe the threat is credible however they are taking all precautions to protect the safety of students and staff at local schools.

The CKPG newsroom has received phone calls from several people reporting local schools have been ordered to operate under Code Yellow restrictions.  That means schools are requested to close all window coverings and lock all doors to prevent anyone from entering or leaving the school.

RCMP says similar threats have been reported across the country.  But in each case, no violence has been reported.  Police say they have no evidence that violent action will take place in Prince George, but are proceeding under an abundance of caution.

School District 57 Superintendent Marilyn Marquis-Forster says all schools within Prince George have been ordered to operate under Code Yellow conditions.  “We’ve been told by RCMP that in the last couple of days there have been 178 such threats dealt with across North America, all of which have been confirmed hoaxes.”  She added, “but it doesn’t mean we don’t have to take a response to this situation.”

Schools in Edmonton were locked down Wednesday following online threats that involved images of clown masks or clowns.  Earlier this week, schools in Truro, Nova Scotia were also shutdown following similar threats.  In each case, no injuries were reported.



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