Ospika Blvd Extension On The Table

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Ospika Blvd Extension  On The Table

The future of Highway 16 West was up for discussion in a late-day meeting between local civic officials and Transportation Minister Todd Stone at the tail end of the Union of BC Municipalities last week.
“One of things  we talked about was the Highway 16 corridor, the congestion. And the other big one was the Ospika extension. We know we have to get that Ospika extension done, but we can’t do it on our own,” says Councillor Brian Skakun.
That project has been on the books for years.
“We talked about it last term. We talked about it with Councillor Don Zurowski years ago, but it’s back on the burner.”
But he says Minister Stone was aware of the problem and the project and seemed open to looking at it more carefully.


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  1. Would any of you people who think this is a good idea please give your heads a good hard shake, then do it again. Ospika Blvd IS a residential street from the Nechako to Range road. There are at least 8 elementary schools that require students to cross to get to their catchment schools. this extension was first proposed the early 70s my house was moved off of it to its current location in 1976 to allow the extension so 40+ years ago the face of this street and it’s neighborhoods have changed a lot in the past 40+ years. Later the plan was revamped so that Foothills would continue behind the fairgrounds along the base of Cranbrook/University Hill past Ginter’s field hill to at least Ferry Ave. the infrastructure was even built water mains, storm gutters etc. all the way to Ferry where the new highway is again brought back to a residential street. We who live here especially those of us who need to get across or make a left onto Ospika take our lives into our hands every day when we do this. The traffic speeds vary from 40Kmph to 150Kmph. The local traffic from college heights and points west are already using it for a highway. this is a huge safety/ human life concern already; and you want to take Highway 16 traffic especially heavy truck traffic and run it down a residential street that regularly have children as young as six crossing it along its full length, are you people INSANE!?!?!?!? What about building the truck route from the vicinity of Parkridge heights to the BCR sit over the new bridge Also on the books for years???? perhaps we will all run down Simon Fraser Blvd through a few turns, over to Malaspina through Creekside properties and across a bridge there; even using that route you do not pass as many schools obviously it would be easier to run down Domano to Malaspina, or perhaps continue past where the road now ends on Domano and take the same bridge that the truck route from up beyond Parkridge Heights. The proposed dangerous goods route around the residential areas of Prince George Makes far more sense and if you watch the traffic coming and going west on Hwy 16 from the BCR site and associated areas it should be obvious that removing the truck traffic and that one group of back and forth to work traffic heading across the Fraser from west of town should alleviate the congestion on the HWY 16 corridor that actually only exists between the 16 – 97 junction and College Heights/Southridge/Westgate Mall. Don’t even get me started on the socio economic class differences between the neighborhoods affected by these proposals. For future reference Mayor and Council some of us have lived here for many decades and are actually paying attention, and I think this woman is about to get political. We can’t even get the lights at Ospika and Ferry turned on to slow traffic down. Yes the standards are the and are wired have been for years now we need 4 sets of the actual lights; bet they would have cost a lot less than the new street lights and concrete sidewalk to nowhere between Ospika and Westwood on Range Road, was this to service the 40 houses and 25 students living in the Romanin St. area? There are already streetlights directly across the street from the new ones. Perhaps you people should give your heads another 1/2 dozen shakes and see if you can pull a brain together. The infrastructure under where foothills was to continue has to be in the millions of dollars streetlights on a street that services no more than 50 house that already has streetlights couple hundred thousand. All we wanted over her were 4 lights a very busy intersection, and some police presence (repeatedly asked for) to slow the speed demons down. Our Street is not a highway and the speed limit along all of it except from Tyner Blvd. to Range Rd. is 50 Kmph!!!!!

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