Locals Prepare For Winter Season

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Locals Prepare For Winter Season

Whether you like it or not, winter is coming. As the colder temperatures start to grace our presence, it’s also a reminder to stay prepared.

At many tire shops around town, the wheel are already well in motion with power drills at full throttle.

Shop Foreman at Kal Tire, Justin Hickson, says things are busy to say the least. “First thing in the mornings we get here and there’s a line-up of 30 to 60 people around the building,” he said. Hickson adds that there’s a lot of things drivers need to get checked before heading out this season. “We check batteries, we check brakes, tread life on all the tires, and try to make sure the vehicle is ready for them so they don’t have any issues during the winter.”

Although it’s not just your car. Many people love to head out on the water during the summer, but now that temperatures are dropping, experts say boast need to be properly cared for.

Rob Marks at Marks Marine says the majority of damage to boats occur when they’re not in use. “The condensation in the air, that’s where you get the creation of the rust, you get the deterioration of the fuels, that happens really rapidly in today’s fuels,” he said. Some tips Marks has include using fogging oil to keep your engine from rusting, then draining your boat’s block completely of all water and adding antifreeze. “It will fill the bilge and then we’re going to hit your bilge pumps so your bilge pump fills up with antifreeze as well and that won’t freeze as well.”

Meanwhile, green thumbs are getting ready for winter by wrapping up trees with burlap. Lucia Van Hage at Art Knapp Garden Centre says it helps the longevity of the plant. “That helps prevent them from drying out with the windburn and everything that happens, you still have some time to do that, but we’re hoping by the end of October you have them wrapped,” she said. “Another one is the mouse guards, they’re plastic tubing that you can put around the trunk of your trees and it prevents the mice from ringing them.”

To help with insulation, Van Hage says a lot of gardeners also use fresh leaves to keep shrubs nice and warm.

The story is no different when it comes to keeping warm indoor as well. Experts like the Owner of Fraser Plumbing & Heating, Dan Veller, says it’s important to get furnaces inspected and have filters changed. “If you turn your thermostat down a couple degrees and make sure  filters are changed and  furnaces are serviced, you could potentially save 15, maybe even 20 percent off your annual heating bill.”


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