Softwood Grace Period Expires

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Softwood Grace Period Expires

A one-year grace period to work out a new softwood lumber agreement between Canada and the US has come and gone, without a new settlement. It’s something that has maddened local Conservative MP, Todd Doherty.
“Today, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government failed Canadian forestry workers and their families. Without a new agreement in place, Canadian forestry operations are faced with the prospect of costly U.S. duties on lumber that will force producers to shut down. From the forest to the mill, almost 400,000 well-paying, high-quality forestry jobs are now at risk.”
Meanwhile the BC Lumber Trade Council has praise for both the BC and federal governments in their efforts to “…to achieve a new softwood lumber agreement that can provide certainty and stability for lumber producers in both Canada and the U.S. To date, a new agreement has not been reached and we are now at the end of the standstill period.”
That show of support, though, comes with a stern message for American producers.
“However, we are also fully prepared and working alongside the Canadian government to defend the industry against any potential trade actions brought by the United States, as we have done successfully in the past.”
Doherty says he was sorely disappointed forestry was not mentioned once by the federal Liberals in the Throne Speech.


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