Concrete Recycling

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Concrete Recycling

When things are made with cement they’re typically meant to be permanent structures. However once concrete has out-lived its purpose, it’s hauled to a landfill for disposal. Now there’s an option for residents who would like to recycle the old concrete.  It won’t only benefit the environment. But it will save you money as well. Broken down concrete is used as a sub-base layer for road construction. It will provide a foundation for a new concrete or asphalt surface. Concrete can be one of the most expensive construction materials to dispose of, primarily because of its weight. Another benefit saves all taxpayers by extending the life of the landfill. If you have concrete weighing you down and you’re uncertain what to do with it, the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George can direct you to recycling depots.

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