Indigenous Health Research Launched

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Indigenous Health Research Launched

A UNBC researcher will lead the development of a unique research project centred on First Nations employment within Northern Health thanks to support from a federal pilot grant of nearly 150-thousand dollars.
Dr. Sarah de Leeuw with UNBC and Dr. Margot Greenwood, Northern Health’s Vice President of Aboriginal Health will be working on the project.
“We will explore many different questions relating to all areas of the North,” explains de Leeuw. “For example, how can we attract more Indigenous pharmacists to the Northwest, keep more Indigenous doctors in Prince George, or bring more Indigenous nurses into northern emergency departments?”
The research is made possible with support from the Social Services and Humanities Research Council and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the first time these two agencies have joined forces on a project.
“Northern Health is committed to building an open and collaborative relationship with First Nations and Aboriginal people and communities,” says Greenwood. “Building strategies to develop a representative workforce would support a culturally safe health system, and this research project will assist us in our efforts to develop and evaluate our recruitment and retention strategies.”
Phase 1 is in effect until 2018 and successful development grant applicants will be eligible to apply during Phase 2 which will provide funding for the implementation of a full, multiple-year study.


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