‘Nightmare on Kerry Street’ Set To Scare This Weekend

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'Nightmare on Kerry Street' Set To Scare This Weekend

All sorts of goblins and ghosts will be out in full force this weekend for the annual ‘Nightmare on Kerry Street.’

From the scariest of witches, to skeletons on the prowl, the haunted house organized by AiMHi is part of an initiative to celebrate the diverse abilities of all people.  Health Services Director with AiMHi, Elizabeth Mooring, the event caps off Community Living Month. “We are all a part of a community and we all have diverse abilities and it’s a great opportunity to come together and share our uniqueness with each other and have some fun.”

One of the those unique individuals is Leif Skugeddal. He has been utilizing AiMHi’s services for nearly two decades. Diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder, the 29 year old has come a long way. “My father passed away when I was about 15 years old and that was hard for me and I’m a trooper,” he said. “I’m doing pretty good.”

Now, Leif volunteers with AiMHI every Halloween. Events like the one haunted house have also helped him get more involved in the community. “I have a job…AiMHi helped me get that job,” he said.

This year’s haunted house will have seven displays compared to last year’s three. Mooring says it’s getting bigger each year with hundreds of decorations donated. “We also had a really great donation from one of the manager’s husbands this year, he had a whole haunted house worth of decorations and he gave them to us, so we’re really excited to be using them this year.”

Of course with Halloween some traditions also never change. Leif will be a volunteer this weekend, but his favourite part about Halloween is getting to take his nephews out for some ‘Trick or Treating.’ “We go get candy and sometimes I steal candy from them,” he laughed.

The ‘Nightmare on Kerry Street’ event is completely free and welcomes online donations in support of programs at AiMHi. The event will include pumpkin carving and a variety of crafts as well on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 950 Kerry Street.


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