$24 Million In Highway Work Coming

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
$24 Million In Highway Work Coming

The governments of Canada and British Columbia today announced $24 million in funding to expand a 3.4-kilometre stretch of Highway 16 from two lanes to four. The highway expansion – from Bunce Road to east of Jensen Road. The project was the final one of a string of announcements across the region by Transportation Minister Todd Stone, who says a total of $137 million has been announced over the course of the week.
“Prince George and  this part of the province is really the gateway to the northern half of the province where, frankly, most of the wealth of this province is generated,” says Stone.
On more than one occasion, voices had to be raised to be heard over the din of commercial vehicles, something that was not lost on Stone.
“Anywhere from 20% to 30% in this particular part of the [Highway 16] corridor at any given time of the year are commercial vehicles,” he says. “That’s just going to continue to increase. So it’s incumbent upon government to make the investment where they need to.”
There will be improvements to the Blackwater/Sykes Road intersections, as well as at Bunce Road and Haldi Road.
The federal government contributed $10,126,180 to the project and the province put in $13,983,162. However, the City also put forward $594,000 for concurrent improvements to municipal roads near the highway, including adding sidewalks, improving lighting and installing traffic signals. At an additional cost, the City will also be replacing water mains in the areas, which will help with water flows in the area.
“It’s been a long standing request from the residents of this neighbourhood; to have improved pedestrian and safety lighting in the highway interface,” says Acting Mayor Jillian Merrick.
Some of the prepartory work has already started with the project itself getting underway next year.


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