Gun Amnesty A Success

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Gun Amnesty A Success

With the BC Gun Amnesty coming to a conclusion on October 31st, the police would like to thank the public for contributing to this worthwhile program.  During the one month amnesty, the Prince George RCMP seized 43 firearms, 2 pellet guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.  Of the 43 firearms, 8 were handguns, 27 rifles and 8 shotguns.  All of these were standard or common firearms.  No unusual firearms or any explosives were seized by police.

“The removal of unwanted firearms is a way that gun owners and police can partner to keep the community safe” says Sgt. Todd Wilson, acting Operations Officer at the Prince George RCMP.  “These are excellent results and we would continue to encourage the public to call the police for unwanted or found firearms.”

The gun amnesty program was last done five years ago.


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  1. RCMP ‘seized’ firearms?? Pretty sure this was a VOLUNTARY firearms turn in program. I am certain that people bringing unwanted firearms in to the police, or, having them come pick them up, DOES NOT constitute ‘seizure’!!! Just say NO to inflammatory reporting!!

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