Local Woman Wants Pit Bulls Back

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Local Woman Wants Pit Bulls Back

A local woman is distraught, after the City seized her two dogs in August. 27-year-old Alyssa Dionne says her 3-year-old Pit Bull, Bailey, and Bailey’s 14-month-old puppy were taken by the City after a complaint was made. “Bailey kept getting out. I guess they had went a couple blocks over and they allegedly attacked another dog. Then the dogs got taken by Animal Control. They came into my house, an RCMP Officer actually pried my door open.”

Animal Control Officers have the ability, under the Community Charter, to seize animals if they are felt to be potentially dangerous or a threat to the community. Both dogs are being kept at the SPCA until a trial is held in the spring.

Dionne says her dogs are not aggressive. She says if anything, they are very loving. “Those dogs are apart of my family and I don’t want to lose them.”

Animal Control Officers will need to provide evidence that the dogs are a danger to the public in the upcoming trial set for May 16th. Dionne will also have an opportunity to give a defense. Manager of Bylaw Services, Fred Crittenden, says “Once the court process is completed, a Judge will determine whether or not the dogs are returnable. There could be conditions at that point and that’s a Judges decision upon hearing the evidence presented.”

In the meantime, Dionne has started a petition to bring her dogs home. It already has well over 100 signatures.


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  1. “The community charter is not bread specific” so why is CKPG? Title states “Wants pitbull back” then call the story “pitbull seizure” and post a picture of a big ass mean looking pitbull that is completely not relevant to this woman’s story. Not helping the situation on BLS one bit. Two for you CKPG

  2. If they attacked other dogs…think about it, could have been a human that was attacked and why would her door be pryed open? Was there a reason why ? Hopefully the signatures are from her neighborhood, not way off someplace where only her side was heard. Any dogs big, small, friendly SHOULD not run so freely in public.

  3. I also agree any dog big or small shouldn’t run the neighborhood but in this case they got out if the yard so what lots if dogs get out of their backyards . As for the police prying the door open to get to her animals is break in and entering in my eyes and on another note why so long for a Trial I think that these furr babies are being held and away from their owner for a substantial amount of time way too long away from their family it is wrong in every way by law services is unreal in this city

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