New Parking Rules Switch Into Play Monday

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New Parking Rules Switch Into Play Monday

It looks exactly like any other GM vehicle on the roads, except for the two small cameras mounted on the roof. That’s the new licence plate technology that will be used to monitor people parked in the downtown. It’s arrival and the new signage means the grace period is over; come Monday morning, if you are parked on a downtown street for longer than three hours, it will likely cost you $50.
The new rules mean you can park anywhere in the downtown, but only for three hours. It’s music to the ears of merchants, merely want the vehicles in circulation, freeing up parking spots for the customers.
“We still have free parking downtown. We will be getting three hours of free parking and that’s far better than what was proposed initially. That part is really important to us.”
Mayor Lyn Hall has been tackling this issue for years and he believes this arrangement will work.
“Yeah, I am confident. The licence recognition program, I think, is just a more up-to-date, technological tool that we can use to monitor parking in the downtown area. I think it’ll work.”
The fine for the first two time infractions is $50. The third and all subsequent fines for overstaying three three-hour limit is $75.


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  1. I’m a handicapped tax paying resident of PG. I live in the bowl area because it’s convenient for me to shop in this area.
    Here’s a little history as to why I have a handicapped display card for my car:
    I have cancer and the daily chemotherapy pills I take have destroyed my muscles in my body. I cannot just decide to go shopping any day of the week. Some times I wait for a couple of days to shop because I’m having too many weak days in a row. But when I do go out to shop, I’m limited to the amount of time I can spend in a store because I get weak fast. I avoid big box stores because it takes too long to get through the vast amount of space in those stores. I like to buy local and like the unique shops downtown. I can usually find a handicapped spot right close to where I want to shop and that makes downtown shopping convenient for me. But when I open my car door and my feet hit the pavement, the clock is ticking as to how long my strength will last.
    Somedays I shop twice a day. I live close to the downtown so it’s convenient to shop for 20 minutes, go home and rest for a few hours and then go back downtown and shop another 20 minutes.
    NOW, I CAN’T DO THAT with the new parking rules.
    I asked Counsellor Merrick if I would still be able to access handicapped parking twice a day, 4 hours apart, (which allows me the time I need to go home and rest between shopping excretions). She told me that if I park in a handicapped spot at 9:00 am for 20 minutes, then go home to rest until 1:00 pm, I’d not be able to use a handicapped parking space the second time, without running the risk of a $50.00 fine. Because I didn’t complete my shopping within 3 hours of my first 9:00 am parking time, I couldn’t access handicapped parking and I would have to go to a pay parking lot that could be blocks away from the store that I want to spend time shopping in. if I have to walk 2 blocks to a store and 2 blocks back to my car, I have a maximum of a very few minutes being on my feet to shop.
    Handicapped parking is there for a reason. It’s so people like me can park close so we can spend our energy “shopping”., not walking numerous blocks and then not being able to shop anyway because our energy is “spent”.
    I guess I won’t be spending my money in local businesses downtown and that’s a crying shame, because there are some awesome shops and eating establishments downtown.
    It’s already frustrating being limited as a person with a disability and this just adds to that frustration. It angers me that it’s not a big deal for able bodied people but it’s an issue for this cancer patient.
    Bonnie Kenyon

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