Civic Facilities Report Goes To Council

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Civic Facilities Report Goes To Council

Council has been apprised of the results of a second assessment done on civic facilities. That report contains the details on the conditions of 17 civic facilities and the costs needed to address some structural issues. Three buildings of the 17 were flagged as needing some significant work, but not enough to warrant taking the buildings down altogether. Those buildings are the Exhibition Centre, Kin 3 and Studio 2880.
For instance, the Exhibition Centre requires a complete replacement of the building envelope and windows and repair of cracks in the foundation. “Severe deterioration” of the structure’s roof facia and supports will need to be addressed, the ceiling panels are showing “signs of water damage,” mechanical equipment needs to be replaced as do the electrical panels and the lights. All that comes with a price tag of $1.9 million.
Kin 3 will require a replacement of the rooftop fans and make-up air unit, as does the dehumidifier. The cost? $2.2 million.
As for Studio 2880, the exterior windows need replacement to be more energy-efficient, and the interior fluorescent lighting is outdated. The cost of the that work is estimated at $1 million.

Another building earmarked for some work, though its condition is still pretty good, is the 18th Avenue Yard Shop, where the bay doors are “past their useful life” and should be replaced, while the roof coverings need to be replaced. That work carries a bill of #3.7 million.

In fact, the report cites a total bill of $21.9 million for all the work.
This is the second assessment. The first involved seven civic facilities, identifying the Coliseum and the Four Seasons Pool as two in the most dire straits. The bill for upgrades to those facilities is $36 million.
And what Council also heard was that these two assessments, covering 24 civic buildings, is only half of what the City owns, prompting Mayor Lyn Hall to cite a “pretty big bill and some tough decisions to make” once all the assessments are completed.


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