Super Moon Is The Biggest & Brightest It’s Been In Decades

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Super Moon Is The Biggest & Brightest It's Been In Decades

Today marks the closest a full moon has been to earth in almost 70 years. It’s called a “Super Moon”.

It was closest to us at 5:30 this morning, November 14th. However, with mostly clear conditions forecast for the evening, residents will be able to take it in.

President of the Prince George Astronomical Society, Blair Stunder, says it will be bigger and brighter than normal.

“The difference from it’s closest to it’s farthest will actually change; increase and decrease in size, about 30%. You really don’t notice it when it’s up in the sky. When it first rises it really looks big, which is an optical illusion. The moon doesn’t change size from the time it rises to the time passes at mid-point. When it’s at the horizons, it is always looks bigger.”


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