New Transit Plan Kicks Up Questions

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
New Transit Plan Kicks Up Questions

Mayor and Council have some questions around the proposed transit service between Prince George and Prince Rupert announced by Transportation Minister Todd Stone in June. The province, with the federal government, has committed $5 million dollars to the project, but communities also have to commit money for the operation of the service. Each community’s amount is based on per capita. For instance, Prince George’s amount is $50,000. But there are some questions around that commitment.
“If you’re committing to the $50,000,  the $20,000 per year, depending on the size of your community, how long does that commitment go for and are we going to see continual increases in the operational costs?,” asks Mayor Lyn Hall. “So, we got some questions around that.”
The project needs the buy-in from sixteen communities that run along the highway, such as Burns Lake, Smithers and Terrace. But there are also concerns about the long-term commitment to the program.
“We cannot set something up that is useful and does the job, but then two years down the road, it’s just gone,” says Councillor Murry Krause. “We need to commit to the long-term. We need to evaluate [the program] on a regular basis, we need to communicate with one another. But it shouldn’t be an arbitrary [option] that one person opts out and it’s over.”
The project is still in its planning stages and there is no word at this point when it will begin operations.


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