Accessibility Improving

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Accessibility Improving

We’ve all heard the expression “to walk in someone else’s shoes,” but several civic officials now what it’s like to ride in someone else wheelchair. In a bid to make it easier to understand the challenges facing those with mobility issues, many toured the city in wheelchairs as part of the City’s Accessibility Committee. That Committee recently presented Council with the findings of an audit on several civic facilities. Adequate space for wheelchairs at the CN Centre is one example of where there needs to be work.
“I think every community is different,” says Nancy Harris, a strong advocate for accessibility. “There’s a lot of older infrastructure. How do you address that without a lot of major renovations? New buildings, though, in my opinion, should be better than [the building code]. Plan them universally designed.”
She says the City is a delight to work with and is very open to the idea of accessible and universal design, which can sometimes be two very different things.
“Something that’s normal for me is different for a senior, is different for someone with a baby stroller, or a delivery person. Instead of siloing people, maybe we should be educating people that ‘universal’ does mean everybody.”
The Committee has asked Council to consider $50,000 in the next budget to help with improvements to civic facilities.


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