Mackenzie Mayor Confident In Rural Representation

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Mackenzie Mayor Confident In Rural Representation

After meeting with Education Minister Mike Bernier, the Mayor of Mackenzie is “very” confident there will be representation from his community, as well as the Robson Valley, on the Board of Education. Pat Crook says petitions have been circulating in those communities for some time, and will until mid-December and he’s positive the outcome will result in rural representation on the board.
“Well I’m extremely confident. I mean, I talked to [Education Minister] Mike Bernier about it twice now and his area has regional representation. He was surprised we don’t.  So, once we go through this process, I’m sure that the Minister is willing to give us an exclusion from the existing agreement.”
He says three-quarters of BC Boards have operate with rural representation.


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